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Chapter 49 The Party Pt 3 1 of 2

  • Abijah's ◇, Tank's ♤ & Zavier's ♧ POV
  • The ◇ represents Abijah's POV, as the ♤ represents Tank's POV and the ♧ represents Zavier's POV please enjoy!
  • Beta Shawn/ Kongol POV
  • "Goodbye Beta Shawn!" My Sweetness says to me resolutely. Breaking my heart even further! She walks away with Tank giggling shyly at him flirting with her. I can't believe she's his Mate! I call forth Kongol..
  • Shawn- "Kongol we have to get her back. She's Our Abijah, my nephew has no idea what to do with her! He's too young he doesn't understand what she needs!" I say desperately.
  • Kongol- "No She's Not Ours Shawn! And she has never been ours, will never be ours. She belongs to Alpha Tank! And I will not help you take someone's Mate from them! We have already assaulted and tarnished our future Luna. I don't think what we've done is forgivable.." I believe unfortunately.
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