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Chapter 9 Overbearing Beta Part 1 1 of 2

  • Abijah POV
  • After saying our goodbyes to the Alphas family, and a few other people. Beta Shawn holds my hand and carries his sleepy daughter while walking to his car. I'm smiling thinking about the Ball then say,
  • "I don't know about you but I had a good time at the Ball. I can't wait to get back home to tell my Mom & Aunt about tonight. Then lay in the new bed you bought me, thanks so much by the way!"
  • I do appreciate it, I had no idea he would get me all of that. I'm going to definitely have to buy him a gift soon. The delivery guys set it up while my Mom and Aunt helped me get ready for the Ball. He actually got me a whole king sized bed complete with head & footboard, frame, coolgel plush pillowtop mattress, and 12 complete 1200 thread count, Egyptian cotton bed linen comforter sets with decorative pillows. I just left them inside the package and stacked them in a corner because I didn't have storage space to put them all in.
  • I'm expecting him to take me home but he says, "And we're gonna have a great night too, because you're going home with me tonight baby." He said looking at me with lust filled eyes. I was so shocked I stopped walking and my smile faded.
  • "What? I.. but I can't!" I say my anxiety growing within me. We've been together for what 3, 4 days and he expects me to just go home with him already?! I'm trying to take my time with this new adventure in my life called a relationship, but he wants to move at the speed of light! "You Can and you Will!" He demands, I whimper as he yanks me into him wrapping his arm tight around my waist, guiding me to the car.
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