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Chapter 35 Conflicted Pt 1 2 of 2

  • Abijahs POV
  • He opened mouth kissed down to my girls (breast) and plays with them. Then he begins caressing, sucking, licking me all over and I absolutely adored it, his touch felt amazing on my skin! I feel my juices running down my thighs and I couldn't stop the sounds from spilling out of me! He kneels in front of me, sitting me on his shoulders, grabbing my butt and dipping his tongue inside of me! I was suddenly afraid, I remember the last time his face was between my legs and it wasn't a good memory.
  • "Shaaaaawn!" But this was different, this felt spectacular! I loved it, I gyrated and bucked my hips grabbing his hair, it's so soft I can't believe I've never touched his hair before! I needed more, more of his tongue inside me! Then he sucks on my clit and I almost came but then he stopped! NO, DONT STOP! I looked down confused and pissed his glistening mouth says,
  • "Abijah-" but I cut him short because I know what he's gonna ask. "I'm all yours honey, only yours!" And this time I mean it, I actually fucking mean it! He smirks and digs his long ass tongue back inside of me, curling it upwards! Yessss, it feels like that's where it belongs, where it needs to stay! I look down into his gorgeous eyes and love the look in them, love the way his tongue disappear then reappear in me! I grab his hair tighter and ride his face faster and harder! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He tells me, "Come for me Baby okay?"
  • He slaps my ass and it adds to my incredible orgasm that tears through me and I shuddered, going a bit lightheaded! Dayum! That was so good, I feel like I need to give him some! SLURP!! I hear him sucking me up, and I love the sound of it. After we gathered ourselves I shyly asked him,
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