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Chapter 37 Conflicted Pt 3 1 of 2

  • Abijah's ◇ & Tank's ♤ POV
  • The ◇ represents Abijah's POV and the ♤ represents Tank's POV, please enjoy!
  • ------◇------
  • Shawn had resumed taking me to work. It's Monday morning and upon walking into my office I see four bouquets of purple flowers on my desk, they were gorgeous and still look fresh! A closer look at my desk I spot a long crack in the middle of it, where he slammed me down last Monday..
  • He walked in carrying me I was so happy! I was kind of beginning to like Shawn, but that changed so fast. One moment we were about to have a quickie and the next he started accusing me of cheating on him! How the hell was I cheating on him when I was With him almost all day?! He then chokes me and slams me down hard on my desk! My head and spine feels like it's in pieces, I knew my back was broken and I couldn't move! I feel excruciating pain radiating throughout my entire body and everything went black!
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