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Chapter 69 The Mating Ritual Part 3 2 of 2

  • ♤- 'I pray you do, because I would love to see you plump with my pups in you.' She peers up at me from my chest dazed and stunned, 'You want pups already?' 'Of course I do, why wouldn't I?' I confess while stroking her, her body still trembling from our glorious climax. I hear her thoughts, (Man, why do things have to move so fast? I wish things would just slow down some. Marriage, Marking, Mating, pups! We haven't even been on a Date yet!) Hmm a date? We can arrange for that to happen. But should I surprise her or ask what she would like to do or like to go? Maybe the Alpha or Luna would know..
  • But I need to know, "Did you enjoy being Mated, Mate?" Goddess I pray she did or I'll have to get some practice in somewhere. She gasps, gulps and I feel her goosebumps rise on her skin as she shyly buries her hot face in my chest! She nods her head and I hear a muffled, "Yes Tank I loved every second of it. I.. I love you inside of me!" Words never sounded so good! I feel her hot needy breath as she kisses my chest, right where my heart is. And it completely belongs to her, I belong to her and she belongs to me. Knowing that she loves it, gets me hardening, I hear her gasps, "Good let's continue."
  • "But Tank I'm sore and tired.." She pouts so I grab her face lifting it and speak, "Heal."
  • ◇- Whoa all of the pain and soreness I felt was gone in a second, after he said, 'Heal!' Damn he's powerful, and he's soo strong.. and he is soo big.. and sexy.. his penis is massive. At least four of my fingers wide! I couldn't wrap my hands around it at all! I'm getting really wet thinking about him, he says, "Get up and turn around with your back facing me." I get up carefully feeling him sliding thickly out of me, making my legs shake. "Aaahh..." I close my eyes tight and bite down on my lip, fighting the urge to disobey him and ride his chunky chain again! God this is Amazing! Why was I so afraid, so hesitant, so nervous?
  • 'Don't be nervous, Tank is our Mate and he was sent by our Mother to protect & love us, Abijah.' I hear this sweet, confident little voice say. Then I see a huge lavender colored furry wolfs' head burst into my vision, ok WTF!? 'Please don't be alarmed, my name is Lila and I'm your Wolf, you are my Were! I've been dormant since you were born, but I have been awoken by our Mate, claiming us!' You're My What?! And what do you mean, dormant? Since I was Born!? I grill her she answers, 'It's just like I said, I am your Wolf and I've been dormant but awoken by our Mate claiming us.' I hear Tank's strong voice ask, "Are you okay, Angel?" I blink looking at him and hear, "Mate!" Come from my mouth, he sits up instantly cupping my face looking deep into my eyes asking, "What is your name Mate?"
  • "Lila." I hear her say from my mouth. He brings my face close to his and tenderly caresses my lips with his thumb, then kisses me smoothly for what seems like forever! I hear him in my head, 'I am Tank, Lila and you are Mine.' She replies, "Yes Tank and You Are Ours! May I Mark you?" He nods enthusiastically he looks so happy, "Yes you may Mate." 'Are you ready Abijah?' She asks me, um I guess so I say. 'No, I need a definite Yes or No, this is permanent it will forever be with him as his is on us!' 'Then Yes!' I say confidently because I do want to be His Mate and want him as Ours. I feel my teeth growing and he shuts his eyes as we climb on his lap. He tilts his head to the right and embraces us as she licks the spot before we sink our teeth into him deeply. He growls, shudders and moans both our names, "Abijah, Lila.. My Mates, I love you!" We remove our teeth and lick the sweet tasting blood clean from the Mark. "We love you too, Tank!"
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