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Chapter 53 The Party Part 5 1 of 2

  • Abijah's ◇, Tank's ♤, & Zavier's ♧ POV
  • The ◇ represents Abijah's POV, the ♧ represents Zavier's POV and the ♤ represents Tank's POV please enjoy!
  • ------♤------
  • I hurry upstairs to the room to give Abijah a bath. But walking pass a floor length mirror, it's the first time I'm seeing myself after shifting. And I'm nearly as tall and massively built as the Alpha! Magnificent, I can't wait till she wakes up and sees me in my true form. I look at my thick black wavy hair that goes down to my mid back, I wonder if she knows how to braid? Short curly black hair covers my face, arms, chest and legs but my hard muscles are easily seen. I hold Abijah in my right arm she's so petite, my little Angel. I make and flex my muscles in different poses in the mirror several times. I admire my 'wolfhood' it looks sufficient enough to create many pups, great!
  • 'Whoa, Tank you look badass!' Zavier compliments, 'No, WE look badass!' 'Yeah.. we do!' I look down at her, 'I pray to Goddess that she loves us as much as we love her.' 'She will Tank don't worry.' 'She might be a bit shocked when she wakes up.' 'Do you think she'll turn into one of us?' Sighing I'm a bit concerned about this, 'I pray she does, we need to speak to your grandfather, Alpha CJ and see exactly what we need to do.'
  • I walk over to her things grabbing her dress, underwear and shoes. As I'm making my way to the bathroom; I get a mindlink from Alpha, 'Tank are you okay? Where are you?' 'I'm fine, we're all fine, Alpha. Abijah was a bit exhausted from everything and passed out after the Marking. But she should be up soon, I'm about to give her a bath and put her on Zavier's dress. By the way do you happen to have an outfit for me? After I shifted I grew exponentially and Zavier's clothes will not fit me.' I put her garments down, 'Sure, Tank I'll bring an outfit and shoes over shortly.' I turn on the water in the tub, 'Thank you, Alpha.' 'No problem, Tank.'
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