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Chapter 70 The Morning After Part 1

  • Abijah's ◇, Lila's ♡, & Zavier's ♧ POV
  • The ◇ represents Abijah's POV, the ♧ represents Zavier's POV and the ♡ represents Lila's POV please enjoy!
  • ------♧------
  • Goddess it's been fooorrreevveerrr since I've been in here and Tank still hasn't unlocked and unblocked me yet! Time moves much faster here in the Spirit Realm. A few hours in Reality is nearly a whole day here, if not more! That's why our wolves’ age so fast, because they spend so much time here. But if it was reversed and us Weres spent more time here. And our Wolves are in control of the body in Reality; like with me and Tank are right now. Then I would age faster and him slower. I know crazy right? But that's why Tank is so much more older than me.
  • I actually love being in here and can't wait to show Ms. J. She was sooo happy with her gifts last night. And today she will be at the sleepover with me and my friends! We are going to play so many video games and watch episodes of Dragon Ball Super and eat leftover cake, ice cream and BBQ from my party. Ugh! Come on, Tank let me Out! Being locked and blocked means I am totally cut off from Reality. I can't even send or receive a mindlink! I kill time by training, hunting and fishing it's really fun.
  • After what feels like a trillion hours, I hear the lock open and Tank's deep voice, "Morning Little Alpha!" Yes! "Oh My Goddess about time Tank, I thought you forgot about me!" He laughs ruffling my hair, "Hey you're messing up my waves!" I say pushing his big hand away. He looks amused ruffling it more saying, "Oh am I?" I try to swing with a left and a right but my arms are too short. I can't believe how much bigger than me he is in human form. I mean I'm used to him being bigger in wolf form but to see him in human form, Whoa! And here in the Spirit Realm I'm still my same short 7 year old self. I wish that I could grow big like Tank did, sigh this sucks big time!
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