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Chapter 58 The Party Pt 8

  • ------♧------
  • Tank finally gave me back control and I see Ms. J hugging me. She's wearing my dress and she really is the prettiest girl I've ever seen! It's really weird looking down at her because now I'm taller. I ask if she's ready to go and she looks confused but then smiles and nods. I smile hugging her back and she giggles. I hold her hand as we return to the party. We get outside and I see my family waiting for us. We go give them hugs and kisses, my Mom is so happy to see me that she cries. "My little Zav, all grown up and found his Mate!" "Oh Mom I'm just bigger it's still me in here." Why is she crying this is so embarrassing gosh! Mom let's me go and hugs Ms. J and I see our Mark on her it's badass!
  • After a few more hugs I drag her to take pictures. When we got to my Grandaddys' Rolls-Royce I wanted to see how much bigger I was than the car in my wolf form. So I start taking off my shirt but Ms. J freaks out, "OMG Zavier what are you doing?!" "I'm gonna turn into Tank so I can see how much bigger I am than this car." I say slipping off the shoes. I take off my pants and tell her to hold my clothes for me. 'Tank you ready?' 'Yep.' He lets me do most of the shifting so I can 'Get Practice' he says. And after a minute I do it! Woohoo! It didn't hurt too badly. I mindlink Ms. J, 'Hey come get on my back so we can take pictures.' She looks surprised saying, "What? Zavier that's crazy and dangerous I don't think so." I whine, 'Come on pleeeease Ms. J? It'll be so much fun and it's my party so you have to listen to me.' I pout, she sighs turning around to put the clothes in the car. And I lay down to make it easier for her to get on me. She's so freaking awesome! I can't wait to see her face when we show her the gifts we got her.
  • ------◇------
  • This boy is nuts! Taking off his clothes in public like really?! I turn around and he's laying flat, sideways glancing at me excitedly. "You do know I have on a dress, Zavier?" He huffs his breath moving the grass in front of him and rolls his big light brown eyes. 'Yes now climb on!' I hear him in my head. "Fine but if I fall you're in trouble mister!" I say firmly pointing at him. I walk towards him to climb on his back, "Just don't get up too fast, I don't want to get dizzy ok." He just blinks and rolls out his tongue panting lightly.
  • I rub his fur, man it's uber soft, I hear a rumbling coming from him. That sends delicious shivers through me. "Are you okay Zavier?" He rises slowly replying, 'Yes, it feels great when you rub my fur!' Oh goodness I caused that? Wow! 'Tell them that we're ready!' He says and I yell to the photographer, "We're ready!" They gave me a thumbs-up and start flashing away. My favorite pose was when me and Zavier howled while I had my fists high up in the air. He stood over the car and he was much bigger than it! He says, 'Okay I'm gonna turn back now.' Without warning he started shrinking with me still on him gasp, "Zavier!?" But before I knew it we were laying on the roof of the car! Zavier grins and rolls me off of him getting inside of the car.
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