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Chapter 13 Overbearing Beta Pt 3 1 of 2

  • Beta Shawn POV
  • I wake up to an unfamiliar feeling, someone was wrapped in my arms.. I open my eyes and see Abijah? Then the events from last night come rushing to the forefront of my mind. 'IM YOURS BETA SHAWN! IM YOURS, ALL YOURS!' She bellowed, I'm getting hard just thinking about it! I hold her beautiful face in my hand, she has that pure, 'I just had the shit fucked out of me!' look going on, eyes crusted, dried tears, drool, messy hair, You're Welcome! I try to move only to realize that I'm still inside of her. Mmm I pull out slowly, she whimpers and frowns,
  • "Don't worry Sweetness I'll be back inside of you soon, don't be sad."
  • I coo kissing her forehead before slowly pulling out completely. I go to the bathroom clean off my dick and wet a few towels. Wringing them out, I bring them back to the room. I use one to clean her face and the other to clean her ass, tossing them on the floor. She's still sleeping, I chuckle shaking my head, she's such a sleepyhead. That's cool I'll wake her up by giving her The D!
  • I grab my oil applying it to both of us, tossing it on the end table then hiking up her ass, closing her legs with mine on either side of hers entering her slowly. I reach around rubbing her clit to release some of her beautiful rosemary and lilac smell. One word to describe this moment in my life right now - PERFECT!
  • Abijah POV
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