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Chapter 91 Mentally Retarded

  • “Well, look at you. You are so arrogant at such a young age. Unfortunately, no matter how arrogant you are, it can’t change the fact that you and your useless father are losers.” The woman sneered.
  • “Stop it. What’s there to argue with a kid?” The man next to the woman said.
  • The man then looked down at the little girl and said, “Quinn, stay away from that boy. You must remember that you are our little princess and have a noble status. Stanley Jennings is just a poor loser. He is not qualified to play with you, get it?”
  • “Ok, Daddy.”
  • The little girl nodded her head and looked at Stanley, “Did you hear that? I’m a princess, and you’re just a loser. You’re not allowed to play with me.”
  • Stanley was speechless. He looked at the little girl with tears in his eyes.
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