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Chapter 87 Kate And Her Superhero

  • Kate tried pacing herself as her breathing suddenly quickened. She felt her face burn.
  • This very moment, she felt her heartbeat tripled from the usual speed. She closed her eyes and dared not to even peek.
  • Alex, on the other hand, was calm. His eyes were fixed only on where they needed to be, focused on the wound. He found the pressure points and pressed them a few times. The bleeding miraculously stopped.
  • “Missy! This gentleman is indeed a genius! Your wound has stopped bleeding! Look!” the waitress exclaimed excitedly with awe.
  • Kate was surprised to hear that and quickly opened her eyes. Indeed, the wound that was bleeding profusely just a short while ago had stopped bleeding!
  • Looking up straight at Alex, she could not see his facial expression behind the mask.
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