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Chapter 790 Just A Child

  • Even after the plane took off, Alex still could not catch a break, for the elderly woman and her grandson seated next to him made sure it was so.
  • The child, Billy, knew exactly what his grandmother wanted him to do when she gave him a look. Smiling deviously, Billy took the gum out of his mouth while he eyed Alex's pants.
  • However, before Billy could stick the gum onto Alex's bottom wear, the man swiftly grasped Billy's hand and turned it around.
  • When Billy realized that the gum had ended up sticking on his hair, he cried out loud and buried himself in his grandmother's chest. However, Alex did not see a drop of tear on that boy's face.
  • Upset that Alex made her grandson cry, the elderly woman looked daggers at the man. “What's wrong with you? Why the heck did you stick the gum on my grandson's head?”
  • To that, Alex responded with a nonchalant shrug. “Hey, your boy started it first. He was going to stick it on my pants. Do you have any idea how expensive this pair of pants is? You can't possibly afford to compensate me even if you want to. I only did what I had to do to prevent losses, ma'am.”
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