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Chapter 780 Deception

  • The members of the Leighton family felt a sense of relief since someone had resolved the crisis on their behalf. Nicholas, who was on the verge of passing out after emptying his bowels, wasn't as pale and haggard as he was anymore.
  • When everyone thought it was time for celebration, Alex asked, “Since the issue has been resolved, isn't it time to announce Yates' appointment as the chairman of the company?”
  • The moment Alex finished his questions, silence ensued in the hall. It was an irrefutable fact that Nicholas did promise to appoint the one who managed to resolve the issue as the chairman of the company quite some time ago.
  • However, Nicholas had no intention to honor his promise because, in his mind, Callum was the sole successor of the family.
  • Moreover, Yates was merely an illegitimate child of the family. Thus, those around couldn't help but wonder what Nicholas would do.
  • Yates turned around and looked at his father with his eyes gleaming in anticipation of his appointment as the upcoming chairman of Leighton Pharmaceutical.
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