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Chapter 778 It Is Up To You

  • With his mind made up, David took another peek at the pound of feces and caught a whiff of something acerbic. Glaring at Nicholas in the eyes, he asked, “What the heck? Have you peed inside or something?”
  • Nicholas, who was no longer in his prime, was in a state of dehydration after producing the feces through the aid of laxative over the past few hours.
  • Although he wasn't as pale and haggard as the time he returned to the hall, he still felt as if he was about to pass out soon.
  • He dared not lie to David when he heard the man yelling at him. Immediately, he expressed his apology, “I'm so sorry, Mr. Zucker, but I couldn't really control myself.”
  • David gawked at him. Seriously? There's also urine mixed inside this pound of feces? Is it really worth the trouble just to become a man again?
  • David knew it was impossible for him to get Nicholas to produce another pound of feces, for the older man was already on the brink of passing on due to exhaustion.
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