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Chapter 776 More Than You Can Imagine

  • David never expected Alex to make such a promise. Nevertheless, he was aware of Alex's wealth and was certain that the latter would honor his promise of paying five hundred million as compensation should he failed to treat him.
  • After all, Alex acquired a snapdragon during the Ancient Medicine Exposition with a whooping billion when it was merely worth thirty million.
  • On top of that, David knew Alex wouldn't break his promise since the man had announced it in front of the members of the Leighton family. David thought that if things turned out to be for the worst, at least he would still get to leave with a fortune.
  • With that thought in mind, the doubts that he had for Alex just mere moments ago dissipated.
  • In the end, he said, “All right, Dr. Jefferson, I trust you! But before we proceed with the procedure, can you tell me if my feces will work just fine?”
  • Alex took a peek at David and remarked scornfully, “If it works, you wouldn't have needed to eat them since they're already in your body in the first place.”
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