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Chapter 772 Indebted To Him

  • Callum, who was slapped in the face, had to brace himself through another thrashing session. However, Nicholas' men had pretty merciful toward Callum on account that he was the successor of the Leighton family.
  • When he staggered his way to the living room and heard David begging for Alex's help, he thought the former had fallen for Alex's lies.
  • He's just a liar! He has been going around deceiving others with his lies! There's no way he's capable of saving David!
  • “Dad, he's just a liar! Are you seriously counting on him to save Mr. Zucker?”
  • David was on the verge of going berserk again when he heard Callum. He couldn't stand others trying to make a ruckus again when he had groveled at the mercy of Tyrael and Alex.
  • If something happens to me, I'll take the members of the Leighton family to hell with me!
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