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Chapter 764 Ginseng Of A Thousand Years

  • After kneeling in front of Skyworth Clinic again, Yates shouted, “Dr. Skyworth Clinic, I'm Yates Leighton, and I wish to meet you. If you refuse to see me, then I'll keep kneeling outside of your clinic until you do, sir!”
  • By then, Tyrael was already by the doorway of his room in the clinic. When he heard Yates' voice, he halted in his tracks before a sigh escaped his mouth.
  • The illegitimate son of the Leighton family had always been meek around Callum, but after interacting with him a few times, Tyrael had come to realize that Yates was cultured and well-mannered.
  • Furthermore, Tyrael felt sympathy toward Yates for being trapped in an awkward situation in the Leighton family.
  • Both Yates and Callum were the descendants of the Leighton family, yet their standing in the family was worlds apart. The latter was treated like a king, but Yates was treated worse than a servant.
  • That was why Tyrael's stance wavered after hearing Yates' words.
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