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Chapter 763 Even If You Pay Me

  • Unlike Callum, Yates was much more humble and polite. He was the complete opposite of his arrogant brother, who assumed that money could solve everything.
  • Callum frowned when he saw Yates getting on his knees. This bastard is good at acting!
  • Right then, he recalled the words his father had said—about how whoever could solve the family crisis would become the next head of the family.
  • Is he doing all these so that he can become the next head of the family? How dare a bastard like him dare to bear such a thought?
  • At that thought, Callum kicked Yates to the side and lashed out at him. “You're just an illegitimate child of the family. What right do you have to represent the Leightons? If anyone has to represent the family, it'll be me!”
  • Then, without hesitating any further, he kneeled in front of Tyrael and said, “Dr. Skyworth, please have mercy and save the Leighton family. David is the Zucker family's only son. His groin is rotting, but I'm sure you'll be able to cure him!”
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