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Chapter 759 Let Him Be A Beggar

  • “I... I don't know.” Like a child who had made a mistake, Stanley lowered his head, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt.
  • He liked the theme park that Maggie had given to him, but his mother was still his mother at the end of the day. For a moment, Stanley could not make up his mind.
  • Maggie ruffled his head and smiled. “All right, Stanley, time for cake! You're the birthday boy today!” she said, changing the topic.
  • Then, she held the boy's hand and led him toward the lavish five-tiered cake prepared by Alex.
  • Heather was no fool; she could sense the animosity Maggie had toward her. However, what she did not understand was why a woman like her would fall for someone like Alex.
  • It was a merry atmosphere, but Maggie was passive-aggressive toward Heather. The others noticed but said nothing about it.
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