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Chapter 758 Who Do You Like More

  • Maggie had such an enchanting appearance that she looked like a fairy having descended from the heavens. Not only that, but she exuded the grace of that of a lady from a prestigious family—far more superior to Heather herself, despite being considered Nebula City's most beautiful woman.
  • To put it simply, Maggie gave off an extraordinary sense of elegance and poise that Heather did not.
  • Moreover, Autumn and Carlene were just about as beautiful as Heather, which made her feel defeated.
  • She suddenly wanted to check herself in the mirror. Is my hair okay? What about my makeup? I don't want to lose out to those women!
  • “Mommy! You're here. I'm so happy!” Stanley let go of Carlene's hand and trotted over.
  • Everyone turned to Heather as they heard the boy shout in excitement.
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