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Chapter 756 Jade Pendant

  • It was now that Alex realized who this incredible Grandmaster was.
  • Is he the grandfather of that little pickpocket I caught at Welfare Mall? Oh, it's no wonder I thought that kid seemed out of the ordinary. Even a second-phase Master like me is envious of the little boy's stealth skills.
  • Alex used to suspect the boy of being part of the secret forces, but given his limited knowledge of that group, he was not sure if there was even anyone with the last name Stone in it.
  • Alex had noticed the pendant on that boy's neck back then. Then, Auriel took it from the boy after beating him up and gave it to him, and so he continued to keep it with him to this day.
  • I would've been dead meat if this old man hadn't come here for the pendant. I guess, in a sense, this was my lucky charm.
  • Impressively, the black pill given by the elderly man was so potent that it had restored half of Alex's health by then. It really is a miracle pill!
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