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Chapter 750 Strong Opponent

  • Yona could not believe her eyes as she saw her heavily-injured grandfather lying on the ground unconscious.
  • How did it end up this way? Grandpa's a second-phase Master! Shouldn't he have been able to win easily? How did he end up getting battered by that loser instead?
  • Bursting into tears, she ran over to Uriah and placed a finger below his nose to check his breathing. Only when she ascertained he was still alive did she heave a sigh in relief.
  • Nevertheless, her hatred toward Alex intensified. The man had killed her father and aunt, and now, he had injured her grandfather severely.
  • Meanwhile, Shane felt it was all over, given that even his grandfather was no match for Alex. I'd better get out of here before he targets me next.
  • “Where do you think you're going?” Yona glared at him.
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