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Chapter 742 Lick Her Shoes

  • “Do you two lowlives even know what this place is? How bold of you to sneak in here. I could order the Jeffersons' men to shoo you out and give you a good beating, you know?” Sheryl sneered at them arrogantly.
  • Caleb was just as furious when he saw Alex. Earlier, he had no choice but to compromise because he had no backup and knew he could not defeat the latter single-handedly.
  • However, with the four bodyguards as his backing, his confidence had returned.
  • “Give me back my car, you smelly beggar! Or I will have my men break your legs and turn you into an actual beggar!” Caleb threatened.
  • A frown immediately creased Alex's forehead. It was Stanley's birthday, and he did not wish to waste his time on those people, yet they refused to leave him alone.
  • “You're the beggars! My daddy is a superhero who'll defeat evil villains like you!” Stanley stood before Alex, glaring at them fearlessly.
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