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Chapter 740 Daddy Is A Superhero

  • “No, I can't accept this. Caleb already paid me fifty thousand as compensation. Frankly, you look like you need this car more than I do. Why don't you keep it for yourself?” the middle-aged man suggested.
  • Then, he paused for a moment and seemed to hesitate before going on, “I ought to remind you that Caleb Simpson is someone we can't afford to trifle with! I suggest you avoid going out as much as possible in the coming days, just to be safe.”
  • Alex did not heed his words at all, as he did not feel the least bit threatened by the Simpson family.
  • With a light-hearted chuckle, he pushed the car keys into the man's hand.
  • Face lighting up with joy, the middle-aged man gazed at the Ferrari and could not bring himself to look away. It was common for men to be obsessed with cars, and he was no exception.
  • After thanking Alex profusely, he drove away in the Ferrari, so happy that he seemed to have forgotten all about the injury on his forehead.
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