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Chapter 737 Buy Yourself A Coffin

  • That luxury car driver dares to throw a brick at another man's head. Aren't they looking for trouble if they go over there now?
  • Furthermore, only their clothes got dirtied, unlike me who has lost a few hundreds’ worth of soup!
  • Alex was his regular customer. If it was other people, he would not be bothered to care about them. But as it was Alex who was about to get into trouble, the stall owner felt that he had to do something.
  • He walked up to the father and son to caution them, “Are you going to confront him? You saw with your own eyes how high-handed he is. Anyway, nothing serious happened to both of you. It's just your clothes! Let it go!”
  • “Thank you for your concern, but I cannot let it go. Don't worry. I will get your money back for you as well.”
  • Alex then ignored the stall owner and made his way to Caleb.
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