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Chapter 736 The Simpson Family Of Kenfort

  • The driver was a young man in his mid-twenties, and he was dressed in branded clothes. Even the car he was driving was the latest limited edition Ferrari.
  • One look and Alex could tell that he was from a wealthy family.
  • At that moment, the driver had no choice but to stop because the cars in front of him had stopped. If it was not for the other cars, he would have run the red light.
  • Even if he had knocked someone down, there was nothing money could not solve.
  • However, he had just received his new car that day, and he was unwilling to damage his own car by banging into others.
  • As soon as the young man put the car to a stop, he started honking and scolding, “All you lousy cars should move aside. Don't block my way!”
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