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Chapter 731 Refused To Accept Her Fate

  • Yama was anxiously waiting for the divine pills to arrive.
  • He was so eager to get his hands on the pills that he had instructed his family to arrange an ambulance to send him to the airport.
  • The Tokugawa family was indeed influential in Jetroina. Not only did they have their private plane, but they also had a high-end lounge in their private hangar, where Yama and Mina, his daughter, hung out while waiting for the divine pills.
  • Mina's beauty was comparable to that of Haruko, but the former was not trained as a fighter. Mina, who was Yama's only daughter, had been helping his father manage his pharmaceutical company since she was at a young age.
  • But when she hit twenty-two years old, some of the family members had suggested that the men should take over the business, whereas the women should handle menial chores.
  • They had intentionally made this move to prevent Mina from having absolute control over the Tokugawa business because they knew she would get married in the future.
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