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Chapter 722 It Needs To Be Cut Off

  • The moment David returned home, a servant reported his arrival to Jorden, who was ecstatic to hear it.
  • Rushing to the door to welcome his son, Jorden asked anxiously, “David, have you really found the drug that can cure you?”
  • David tightened his hug on Harper and replied, “That goes without saying. The Leighton family has created a miracle drug indeed. Within a few minutes of taking it, I can feel the nerves Alex destroyed recover.”
  • When he heard how certain David was, Jorden couldn't be any happier.
  • He was already in his sixties and was unable to produce any more offspring. When his only son was rendered impotent, it came as a devastating blow to him.
  • Now that the matter was resolved, he felt blessed that the heavens were kind enough to not end the Zucker family's legacy.
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