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Chapter 719 The Wallace Family Of Lumenopolis

  • After Glasses fled from the villa, he had heard about how Ace and Deuce were punished.
  • When he knew how they were tortured, it sent a shiver down his spine. Also, he couldn't be any more relieved that he fled without hesitation.
  • Otherwise, he, too, would have to suffer the same consequences.
  • Given that their secret hideout had been taken over by Flynn, and the fact that many men in Nebula City were hunting for him, he knew he had no choice but to leave.
  • In fact, his wanted picture was being circulated all over the common phone apps. Seized by panic, he would only go out in sunglasses and a face mask.
  • After having painstakingly bought a ticket to Lumenopolis from the black market, Glasses traveled there nervously, fearful of being discovered along the way.
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