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Chapter 718 Am I Cruel

  • “Alex, aren't you being too cruel?” Autumn was shaken when she heard the agonizing screams from afar.
  • Although she was the eldest daughter of the Jones family, she was still an ordinary girl at the end of the day. Hence, she was naturally unsettled by such a gruesome sight.
  • When Stefan heard his daughter's words, he quickly pulled her aside and glared at her. Then he admonished her, “You shouldn't get involved in such matters. Dr. Jefferson can make his own decisions.”
  • When she heard the painful screams, Autumn gritted her teeth. She felt as if she was right there watching them having their limbs chopped off.
  • At that very moment, Alex suddenly asked, “Do you think that I'm being cruel?”
  • Looking at Alex, Autumn didn't say a word. However, the way she looked at him seemed to be telling him, “Yes, you really are.”
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