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Chapter 700 Our Lucky Day

  • Their voices were too loud, and they woke Stanley up. Upon hearing Stanley's question, they were left in bewilderment, not knowing how to respond.
  • Heather caressed Stanley's head gently. “Stanley, I think you've misheard. By the way, the kid from the other ward came to find you just now.”
  • Stanley's eyes lit up when he heard that his friend had come to play with him. In an instant, he forgot totally about his previous question.
  • “Mommy, I'll go out to play then.”
  • Heather nodded with a smile on her face. After Stanley left the ward, her face turned solemn once again.
  • There is no more love between us. It's just a matter of time for a divorce. But I wonder how Stanley would react to it. Poor little boy...
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