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Chapter 695 You Will Regret This

  • Now that Alex put it this way, it was apparent that he had no qualms about William double-checking his identity.
  • Don't tell me this guy is really one of the Jeffersons.
  • William's blood ran cold when it occurred to him that Alex might not be lying about who he was.
  • He instantly regretted his action. Dang! Did I really ask him to apologize to me? I'm so dead. My whole family will perish because of this stupid mouth of mine.
  • William was a smart guy. He had received the best education, growing up in a prestigious family. Not only was he academically inclined, but he was also street-smart and was able to read the room quickly. He immediately realized the gravity of his action and the possible repercussions of his thoughtless words. He was putting his whole family on the line.
  • He softened his tone and backed down the moment he knew he was in trouble. “I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I shouldn't have been rude to you. Please have mercy and let me go just this once. I'll remember your kindness forever,” William pleaded, rubbing his hands.
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