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Chapter 692 The Awakening

  • Alex was glad he was able to bring Yara back to her senses just based on the vague memory about what he read from the book.
  • It turned out that her boyfriend's manipulation was still not the most severe hypnosis. Alex applied what he learned from the Nine Heaven Scrolls and managed to bring her back.
  • William Langlard, Yara's lover, was no match for Alex. He found himself facing off a formidable and experienced rival.
  • Yara was already fully awake. She was so grateful to Alex for having saved her life. “Thank you for everything you did for me. I would've died if not for you.”
  • “Don't do something stupid again. Think about the people who love you. Your family invested their time and energy into bringing you up. They will want you to live on and enjoy life to the fullest,” Alex replied.
  • Yara nodded obediently and turned toward Autumn. She pulled her into her arms and cried. “I'm so sorry, Autumn. I can't imagine what I put you through.”
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