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Chapter 691 Hypnosis

  • Yara was already immune to all Autumn's entreaty. She looked at her coldly and said, “You know what, Autumn? I was skeptical about love until I met him.”
  • She paused and swallowed her tears. “I felt my whole world changed after I met him. I started believing in love. I'm willing to do everything I can to prove that I love him. I know he doesn't like me dressing up and putting on makeup because that makes him feel insecure. I'm willing to change just so he stays by my side. I'm even willing to die for him! This is the only way I can keep him with me.”
  • Yara's voice became softer as she spoke. It was as if the last sentence was only meant for her own ears.
  • Autumn knew Yara was already at a point of no return. She turned and beseeched Alex, “Please do something, Alex. She won't listen to anything I say.”
  • Just as she was looking at Alex, Yara tilted her body and swung her body downward.
  • Autumn whipped her head around and shrieked in denial. All eyes were on Yara.
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