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Chapter 690 It Is Not Worth It

  • Alex gave Flynn a call when he was on the way to meet Autumn. He figured it would be better to send more men to protect Tyrael since Flynn and his men might find Takeshi and Haruko too difficult for them to deal with.
  • Alex asked Flynn to bring his gun along just in case things got out of control. He gave him the green light to just kill Takeshi and his sister if they ever become threats to Tyrael's life, but Alex knew that was unlikely because Tyrael still had what they wanted—the drug.
  • Takeshi and Haruko coveted the drug Tyrael had that could cure paralysis.
  • That was why they brought him to the island country to run some research to create another similar drug so they could profit from it.
  • Alex already hatched a plan to ensnare the brother and sister.
  • The siblings at the five-star hotel had no idea that Alex had his plan extended like a web, waiting for them to walk right into the trap.
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