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Chapter 686 Beat You Up

  • Auriel was not expecting an uneventful shopping trip to turn out like this. All she did was remind the women that they were taking too long to decide on a purchase.
  • Accusing her of theft was an overreaction.
  • Auriel's face darkened, looking at the onlookers whispering among themselves and shaking their heads at her.
  • “Gosh. Youngsters these days are really hopeless. I can't believe a teenager like her is stealing in broad daylight. And at a luxury brand shop! How appalling!”
  • “I know, right? People these days are just so materialistic. They are even willing to steal just to satisfy their materialistic desires. This girl is a gone case.”
  • One of the people even came over to warn Auriel. “You'd better return the money, young girl. Things will be thorny when the police arrive.”
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