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Chapter 680 I Can Afford This

  • After Tyrael confirmed the authenticity of the snapdragon, the auction officially began.
  • “Next, we have this one hundred and fifty-year-old snapdragon herb up for bids. Its price will begin at five million. Please note that each extra bid must not be lower than a million. Now, you can start raising your paddles,” the auctioneer announced with a sweet smile before she moved to the side of the stage.
  • As soon as she finished, Callum raised his paddle and called out, “Ten million.”
  • Callum's bid left the crowd stunned. They couldn't believe that he doubled the starting price of this one hundred and fifty-year-old snapdragon at the first bid.
  • If the auction continued, there was a chance that the snapdragon's bidding price would soar to twenty or thirty million. Hence, Callum decided to place a high bid as it might deter the other bidders from placing their bids. Perhaps, I can obtain the snapdragon at ten million.
  • “Eleven million.” A middle-aged man raised his paddle.
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