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Chapter 675 You Reap What You Sow

  • However, Callum didn't believe Alex's words as he wasn't aware of what happened to Harper previously.
  • As such, he immediately took Harper into his arms to protect her and scolded, “What a loser! How dare you bully my darling after offending David! Hmph! Are you tired of living? Do you want me to send you to hell?”
  • At that moment, Stefan happened to arrive on the scene, and his expression turned grim upon hearing Callum's unpleasant words to Alex. He immediately shouted, “Callum, who the hell do you think you are? How dare you utter such profanities to Dr. Jefferson?”
  • The Jones family was one of the herbs suppliers for the Leighton family, yet they seldom kept in touch. Despite their close ties in business, Stefan was shocked to see that Callum disrespected Alex.
  • The next moment, Callum merely cast a nonchalant glance at Stefan and said, “Stefan, our families have been business partners for more than ten years. Why did you speak for this good-for-nothing instead?”
  • Much to Callum's surprise, Stefan scoffed and replied, “You have no idea how competent Dr. Jefferson is. Anyway, offending Dr. Jefferson is equivalent to offending the entire Jones family. From now on, the Jones family will sever all ties with the Leighton family and stop supplying herbs to you!”
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