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Chapter 670 Gold Digger

  • “I brought the money you wanted. Where is Lucas?” Alex pulled an ATM card out of his pocket and asked.
  • Scarred Face reached out for the ATM card instinctively the moment he saw it. However, Alex retracted his hand and kept the ATM card back into his pocket.
  • “I want to see Lucas first. I will hand this card over to you after you let him go.”
  • Scarred Face scowled at him as Alex was the first person who dared negotiate terms with him.
  • The only reason stopping Scarred Face from killing Alex and snatching the ATM card away from him was that he thought the woman standing behind Alex looked exquisitely beautiful.
  • Boss might be pleased to see her. Scarred Face brought both of them to the top floor of the casino at that thought.
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