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Chapter 663 Seeking Refuge At The Zucker Family Mansion

  • As Jacob led Harper into the Zucker family mansion, they heard smashing sounds from the inside.
  • The sounds were unnerving, not to mention that no one stopped them when they were clearly trespassing.
  • What they didn't know was that half of the servants had sent Jorden to the hospital while the other half stayed away from David because they were afraid of offending him.
  • When David finally stopped smashing things, he noticed two people dressed in rags walking toward him.
  • Looking at the mess that David caused, Jacob felt that he and his sister came at the wrong time, but they couldn't back away at the last minute.
  • Mustering up his courage, Jacob said respectfully to David, “Mr. Zucker, I'm Jacob Jennings, and this is my sister, Harper. We're here to seek refuge at your house.”
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