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Chapter 659 Incurable

  • Tyrael agreed to come to the Zucker family mansion to treat David after Jorden, the head of the Zucker family, specially came to ask him and offered him quite a sum of money for it.
  • “Mr. Zucker, I wonder what kind of disease your son has? Why are you so anxious?” Curious, Tyrael asked in the car.
  • When asked the question, Jorden instinctively looked at Auriel, who was sitting beside Tyrael. He didn't know if he should talk about his son's condition.
  • Unhappy, Auriel pursed her lips and said, “What's the point of coming to my father for help but not telling him the problem?”
  • After a moment's hesitation, Jorden finally told them about David's condition.
  • As he finished, he saw Auriel covering her mouth and laughing secretly, which made him feel a little unhappy. Since she was Tyrael's granddaughter, he didn't say anything despite his discomfort.
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