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Chapter 657 Out Of My Way

  • Wendy was jealous, as Alex seemed to be having a great time with his son even when the family was stony broke.
  • “Cotton candy isn't meant to be shared! That's very disgusting and unhygienic! I guess I can't blame you, since you can't afford another one, huh?”
  • Alex and Stanley couldn't care less about Wendy's remarks, as they were aware that she was merely jealous.
  • He gave his son a piggyback ride and asked Wendy, “We're about to leave. Do you want to join us?”
  • Wendy was at a loss for words. She couldn't believe he was able to carry himself in a calm and collected manner even after she had humiliated him more than once.
  • She thought it might have something to do with him going through something similar throughout the years. Thus, she couldn't help but feel sorry for the man.
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