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Chapter 650 David Is Ruined

  • Desmond seemed to have forgotten that Alex was the one who had rescued them. It sounded more like an instruction instead of a request when Desmond asked Alex for help.
  • Alex couldn't stand it, since he wasn't obliged to do the Jones family any favor. Therefore, he paid no heed to Desmond's request.
  • David continued punching Desmond in the face and thought it was a great opportunity to vent his frustration because Alex had no intention of saving the useless wimp.
  • Ha! I'm no match for Alex, but Desmond's quite an easy target! I'll just beat him up and vent my anger.
  • Desmond was taken aback because he had underestimated David's combat skills. He couldn't believe that the man was quite a fighter.
  • I shouldn't have challenged him. I should've let Alex teach this vicious man a lesson on our behalf! Had that been the case, I wouldn't be beaten to a pulp! Urgh! If I don't do something about it, he's going to send me to hell soon!
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