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Chapter 65 Mockery At The Banquet

  • Heather and Carmen remained in their seats in a daze. At that moment, they wanted nothing more than to leave as they watched Demi welcoming her guests happily.
  • However, now that they didn’t even have any shares left, If they dared to leave now, Demi would definitely kick them out of the Jennings family.
  • Without the Jennings family’s financial support, Heather would become the sole breadwinner for her family. How would they be able to live off of her meager salary?
  • “Heather, you must be feeling pretty bad right now, huh?”
  • Jacob walked over with a smile full of schadenfreude as he held a glass of wine in his hand.
  • Heather remained quiet and kept her head down. She picked up some of the dishes and put some onto Stanley’s plate. She was not in the mood to entertain Jacob right now.
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