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Chapter 649 A Wimpy Man

  • The ones on the lookout at the entrance weren't even conscious anymore when they were sent flying into the room.
  • David, who was merely a step away from getting the woman, turned around and saw Alex closing in from the entrance the moment he turned around.
  • How did he figure out I'm here? Well, I have nothing to fear, since he's greatly outnumbered! I mean, it's impossible for him to defend himself against the men I've brought along with me, isn't it? I've been pretty merciful to allow him to spend another few carefree days before sending him to hell, but he shows up in front of me, asking to be killed!
  • “Alex, how dare you interrupt me when I'm about to have the best time of my life?” David then raised his volume and instructed his men, “Take him out at once!”
  • Without a second thought, those men in the room, including the ones next to Desmond, rushed in the direction of Alex with the weapons they brought along for the mission.
  • Desmond thought someone had rushed to their rescue the moment the door was banged open. However, when he saw that it was Alex, his hopes shattered.
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