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Chapter 648 Drugged

  • “Since you have the guts to challenge me, I'll bed her in front of you! We shall see if you can save her!” David yelled and instructed his men to stuff Desmond's mouth with something to stop him from getting in his way.
  • With a grin, David walked to the table and picked up a glass of water, which he had prepared beforehand.
  • Desmond wouldn't stop retaliating against those around him because he knew something was wrong with the glass of water when he saw David's vicious smirk.
  • “What are you trying to do, David? If you try anything silly, the members of the Jones family will never forgive you!” Autumn warned with her voice quivering.
  • She knew it would take more than a warning to intimidate David, but there was nothing else she could do to stop the vicious man.
  • As soon as he had made it to her side, he grasped her chin with all his might and forced her to finish the glass of water against her will.
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