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Chapter 647 Falling Into The Trap

  • Once they reached Venus Hotel, Desmond rounded the car and opened the door for Autumn, urging her, “Hurry up, Autumn. Alex may be impatient after waiting for a long time.”
  • “Okay,” she responded but was taken aback at the sight of Venus Hotel. She then took out her phone, intending to text Alex.
  • Seeing his sister on her phone, Desmond was afraid Alex would be alerted, and that would interrupt David's proposal to Autumn. Thus, he snatched her phone away again and tossed it on the car seat before locking the doors.
  • His movements were fluid and swift. As she saw her phone landing on the car seat, confusion and uncertainty gripped her.
  • “We need to head up now, Autumn.” He tugged on her hand, spurring her into Venus Hotel.
  • “Slow down!” A frown marred Autumn's brows.
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