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Chapter 645 Wicked Plot

  • In the Zucker residence, David had a gloomy expression. The swelling in his face had gone down largely, and he had sent someone to investigate Alex, but to no avail.
  • He was puzzled as to why Jason had addressed Alex as Dr. Jefferson.
  • David didn't bother to dig deeper once his preliminary search came up with nothing. To him, Alex was a piece of trash living on borrowed time.
  • “I caught wind that Ms. Jones has been visiting Alex these two days. This could be a recipe for disaster. After all, you fancy Autumn Jones, and every one of the upper class knows that. If Alex, that loser, beats you to it, you would be humiliated. You mustn't let that happen.”
  • Zander deliberately blew things out of proportion after noticing David barely mentioning Alex. He was afraid that David had put Alex on the back burner and therefore he wanted to nudge his memory.
  • Both of his legs were crippled, and he would be confined to a wheelchair in the foreseeable future.
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