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Chapter 640 Full Of Himself

  • “All of you can help me to get rid of Alex?” asked David in disbelief.
  • Those three mysterious and powerful characters appeared out of the blue and claimed that they could help him to eliminate Alex. David refused to believe that such a good thing could just happen like that.
  • Ashton was toying with his hidden weapon and responded, “Of course, but not now. You will need to arrange for a secret hideout for us to stay.”
  • “Fine! I promise you that as long as you can kill Alex for me, nothing else matters. In addition, I will pay you for your service,” agreed David.
  • There was no doubt about their abilities since David had witnessed it with his own eyes. Furthermore, they must have slaughtered countless people in order to exude such dangerous vibes.
  • Alex, I want to see if you will be so lucky to escape the next time.
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