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Chapter 636 Sacrifice From Carlene

  • Alex approached David in big strides. “What? To lick the urinal? What makes you think I will comply with your demands? Do you think that your three useless bodyguards can do anything to me?”
  • In a swift moment, David felt his domineering presence. His heart started beating rapidly, and he cowered in terror as he hid behind his bodyguards.
  • Nonetheless, he refused to accept defeat. “How dare you say my bodyguards as being useless! You must be blind! They're retired members of the special forces unit and can beat you up effortlessly.”
  • “Is that true?” Alex walked towards him, smiling. Even when facing the three bodyguards directly, Alex did not flinch.
  • Zachariah suddenly yelled, “Alex, even on your deathbed, you're still pretending! Mr. Zucker, ask your bodyguards to teach him a lesson!
  • He could not tolerate Alex at all. If he had the skills, he would surely beat up Alex himself.
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